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  Have a Wakeboard Boat You Own/Drive/Love?
  Get the latest gear for you and your boat. WakeJak protects your tower, your racks, your boards and your bimini top. Plus, it eliminates rope hassles and aggravations, and makes time spent on the boat easier and more fun. Join the many WakeJak owners won’t leave the dock without one.
Your Boat Deserves Better
  Rope Caught  

If you have a wakeboard boat, you know that the time you spend on that boat can be some of your best time. When a rider falls, the tow rope can hang down in the passenger compartment among the passengers, the cooler, the racks, the boards, the dog, etc. Do you want to constantly monitor it? Do you want to drive around it or get up and untangle it? Avoid the aggravation and hassles. Avoid damage to your boat/passengers. Get a WakeJak. It’s guaranteed.

Upgrade to a WakeJak
  Rope Clear  

WakeJak consists of a marine aluminum clamp and a collapsible rotating rod. Attach the tow rope, and WakeJak will immediately begin to monitor the rope for you, protect your boat and gear, eliminate aggravations and increase convenience and fun. Set it and forget it. For about the same price as a good rope and handle, you can upgrade your wakeboard boat experience. If you buy it and don’t agree that it makes your life easier and your gear safer, return it and we will refund your money. It’s that simple.

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  "I use the WakeJak and love it. I would tell a friend to buy it in a minute. The main plus for me is it keeps the rope off the people in the back. Everything else is just a bonus." - BT
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